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Learn more about Kalon Homes in Darwin, NT

Kalon Homes is a local growing family construction company. 

Kalon Homes specialise in the design and construction of new residential homes including custom homes.  

A home is one of the biggest investments you can make in life, and Kalon Homes is here to make sure you get the best value that is perfectly suited to your individual needs. 

Kalon Homes is the best resource for any homeowner who wants to see their Territory dream home  come to life.

“Wishing Kalon homes a happy and prosperous future. It’s been a pleasure doing business with Anna and Nick and look forward in working with them again.”

Maria Dionisiou

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Kalon: Inspired by and translated from the Greek language, Kalon is defined as the ideal, perfect  beauty in both the physical and moral sense.  

Kalon Homes: We strive to build homes that are not only visually beautiful but structurally secure  and reliable. 

Kalon Homes offers a fresh perspective to not only build secure reliable homes but to also build long  lasting relationships with full builder-client collaboration from start to finish.  

Kalon Homes is a local growing family construction company with a reputation for renowned  quality and customer service. 

“Anna and Nick at kalon homes strive on delivering the very best in everything they do from designing and building your new he to you little renovations jobs.”

- Stratos Melas

Anna and Nicholas are true born and bred locals who are fully  commited to all their clients and to all their projects. We strive to not only build secure reliable homes but to also build long lasting relationships with full  builder-client collaboration from start to finish. 

Kalon Homes, established in 2019 is a true born and bred local family operating business that are  fully committed in supporting not only their clients, but also local tradies and suppliers.


A female  owned and operating business providing unique value and benefits to the industry and the Territory.  

With a strong history within the industry, using their own lived experiences from the struggle of owning their first home and supporting a family, all done here in the Territory. 

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