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Conflict Resolution

One common issue raised by clients of Kalon Homes is the perception that construction companies prioritise profit over building relationships. Clients often feel that they are seen solely as a means of generating revenue, which can lead to a lack of personalised attention and a disconnect between the client and the construction company.

To address this concern, Kalon Homes places a strong emphasis on builder-client collaboration from the start to the finish of each project. They understand the importance of establishing a strong relationship with their clients and prioritize effective communication throughout the construction process.


By fostering this collaboration, Kalon Homes aims to bridge the gap and restore the trust and connection between the client and the construction team.

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To ensure the highest level of quality and reliability, Kalon Homes implements a cap on the number of projects they take on within a year. This cap is set to fit within their capacity, ensuring that they can dedicate sufficient time and resources to each project. By limiting the number of projects, Kalon Homes avoids compromising on the quality of workmanship and maintains a focus on delivering exceptional results for their clients.

In situations where clients express a desire to be involved in the construction process, either by utilising their own skills or involving their family and friends, Kalon Homes is open and understanding. They recognise the importance of accommodating clients who want to contribute and be represented within the build.

To address this, Kalon Homes manages, supervises, and collaborates with clients who wish to participate. However, they do so within limits that are in compliance with Australian Building Codes and do not compromise the quality of workmanship. This approach ensures that clients can actively participate in the construction process while maintaining the highest standards of construction and safety.

By implementing these solutions, Kalon Homes aims to provide clients with peace of mind and comfort after raising concerns. The emphasis on collaboration, communication, and the establishment of a strong client-builder relationship helps to address the perception of construction companies prioritising profit over building relationships. Clients can trust that their needs and vision are being heard and understood, and that Kalon Homes is dedicated to delivering a quality, reliable build with exceptional workmanship.

Overall, Kalon Homes' solutions focus on enhancing the client experience, fostering collaboration, and maintaining the highest standards of construction. This ensures that clients feel valued, engaged, and confident throughout the construction process.

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