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Builder-Client Collaboration

Kalon Homes in Darwin, NT, places a strong emphasis on builder-client collaboration throughout the home construction process. One of the tools they utilize to facilitate this collaboration is the Houzz Pro software.

Houzz Pro is a comprehensive project management and communication platform designed specifically for the construction and remodeling industry. It provides a centralized space where builders, clients, and other stakeholders can collaborate, share ideas, and track the progress of the project. Kalon Homes utilizes this software to streamline communication and ensure a smooth and efficient building experience.

Houzz Dashboard.png

With Houzz Pro, Kalon Homes can create a virtual hub where clients can easily access project-related information, including plans, designs, schedules, and important documents. This centralisation of information eliminates confusion and ensures that everyone involved in the project is on the same page.

The software also allows clients to communicate directly with the Kalon Homes team, enabling real-time discussions and prompt responses to queries or concerns. Clients can provide feedback, make design choices, and stay informed about the progress of their home construction.

One of the key features of Houzz Pro is its visual collaboration tools. Clients can use these tools to explore design options, visualise concepts, and make informed decisions. They can browse through a vast database of images and samples, allowing them to select materials, finishes, and other design elements for their home. This visual aspect of the software enhances the client's engagement and involvement in the design process.

Furthermore, Houzz Pro provides scheduling and task management features, allowing clients to stay updated on the construction timeline and track project milestones.


This transparency helps clients understand the progress of their home construction and gives them peace of mind knowing that their project is being efficiently managed.

Overall, by utilising Houzz Pro software, Kalon Homes enhances builder-client collaboration and communication.


The platform streamlines project management, provides a centralised information hub, facilitates design choices, and keeps clients informed and engaged throughout the home construction journey. This collaboration ensures that the client's vision is effectively translated into a high-quality home that meets their expectations.

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