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When it comes to home builder packages and inclusions offered by Kalon Homes in Darwin, NT, customers can expect options that go beyond standard offerings. Kalon Homes recognises the importance of providing reassurance in terms of quality workmanship and the availability of high-quality choice fittings and finishes.

Kalon Homes offers different packages tailored to meet varying needs and preferences. One of these packages is the Modest Inclusion Package, which has been carefully curated to strike a complete balance between quality and reasonable value.


With this package, customers can rest assured that they are getting a selection of inclusions that meet high standards of craftsmanship while remaining affordable. The Modest Inclusion Package covers everything necessary to transform a house into an admirable and comfortable home.

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Additionally, Kalon Homes offers the Stellar Inclusion Package, which has been meticulously chosen to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and value. This package surpasses standard offerings and provides customers with an extensive range of high-quality inclusions.


The Stellar Inclusion Package ensures that homeowners have access to a comprehensive selection of choice fittings and finishes that elevate their living space and create a beautiful home.

Both packages offered by Kalon Homes emphasise the importance of delivering quality workmanship and including a variety of options for customers to personalise their homes. Whether customers opt for the Modest Inclusion Package or the Stellar Inclusion Package, they can expect a thoughtful selection of features and finishes that meet their expectations.

“We decided to renovate our ensuite bathroom and were unsure where to start. We hired Kalon Homes as they were very helpful with our decisions and with their expertise and attention to detail, we got what we wanted.”

By offering these carefully selected packages, Kalon Homes aims to simplify the decision-making process for customers while ensuring they receive the best value for their investment.


The packages provide a comprehensive set of inclusions that cater to different needs, allowing customers to create a home that reflects their unique vision and style.

In summary, Kalon Homes' home builder packages and inclusions in Darwin, NT, go beyond standard offerings. The Modest Inclusion Package strikes a balance between quality and reasonable value, while the Stellar Inclusion Package offers an extensive selection of high-quality inclusions.


Both packages provide reassurance of quality workmanship and enable homeowners to transform their houses into inviting and beautiful homes.

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